Re: nvda and amazon music

Vickie Andrada

If you do use the iPhone, the Amazon music app there is pretty good. But if not, of course that won't help you. I've not used it on the computer.


On 12/4/2020 12:42 AM, Lino Morales wrote:

Oh I hate that app. I'm assuming your using the desktop app? That app needs work as far as accessibility is concerned. A lot of unlabeled buttons.

On 12/3/2020 10:59 PM, heike67 wrote:
does anyone have experience with amazon music? i can't edit my playlist there. nvda tells me that it is an embedded object and i press the enter key as i read in the user manual. now i should be able to navigate in this object, but nvda just says <grid>, whatever that means. it would be nice if someone could help.

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