Re: add-on for accessing the system tray


On Wed, Dec 9, 2020 at 07:32 AM, Chris Mullins wrote:
You will encounter an icon announced as “Notification Chevron button”, press spacebar to activate this, then press left arrow.
As an aside, once you have focus on the system tray portion of the taskbar (WinKey+B) any one of the arrow keys will traverse it, circling back to the beginning when it hits whatever is the last item.  Of course, if you're using up arrow and overshoot something, using down arrow will take you back to it.  Same concept if you were using left/right arrow for traversal.

The items in the overflow area will be included in the traversal only if spacebar or enter is used when on the notification chevron button to expand it, and it will remain expanded unless you have focus on it again and hit spacebar or enter (the notification chevron button is a toggle, and behaves much like a dropdown list in certain ways).

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