NVDA snd System Access, not a good combination

Bob Cavanaugh <cavbob1993@...>

Hi all,
This might not be worth it anymore depending on the future of System
Access, but if System Access stays around, I think this should be
fixed if at all possible. The problem is that if you inadvertantly or
maybe even deliberately fire up System Access and NVDA at the same
time, the whole system slows down to a point where it becomes almost
unusable. Alt-tab doesn't work as expected, and applications that
should run smoothly suddenly stop responding. The other thing that
almost always happens is modifiers in NVDA quit working, making it
quite hard to shut down NVDA once it is running. In my case, I still
use System Access to go, and it happens to me most frequently when
I've just shut down SA. This morning was a perfect example. I had
System Access open in IE, and a stream open in Firefox. As I wanted to
make a call on my Google Voice number, the plan was to close IE,
shutting down SA, then fire up NVDA, and switch to Voice in the
existing Firefox window. I closed IE, and System Access shut down as
expected, or so I thought. I fired up NVDA, switched to Firefox, and
went to Google Voice, though sometimes the effect is right away, such
that I won't even be able to do that. Not long after, I noticed a
dramatic slow down in performance. The solution is to open task
manager, make sure more details are showing, and go down to background
processes. System Access will still be running as a background
process, which needs to be ended in order for performance to return to
This is just where it's most likely to happen to me, but in general,
performance should not be this degraded when trying to run two screen
readers. System Access and Narrator don't behave like this, nor do
NVDA and Narrator.

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