Re: NVDA snd System Access, not a good combination


On Wed, Dec 9, 2020 at 07:30 PM, g melconian wrote:
add this useful  feature [if another screen reader is running, force it to exit before moving further into starting] into their screen readers as well. 
Though I don't disagree, per se, there are trade offs and dangers to this approach.  I personally think that folks should be trained or train themselves to shut down one screen reader before starting another.  There are things I want the user of specific types of software to have to do themselves, mostly because it promotes awareness on a number of levels.

I guess it's a matter of preference, really.  But I've observed over the decades that making lots of things occur "automagically" tends to result in complete obliviousness as to how things work or what one might do when something inevitably goes wrong and requires end user intervention.  Knowing where the sweet spot lies between entirely manual in all respects (yuk) or fully automatic is not a simple thing, and opinions of where that spot is will differ.

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