Re: NVDA snd System Access, not a good combination


On Wed, Dec 9, 2020 at 07:57 PM, Gene wrote:
If you want to install a version of NVDA by running the installer and a different version of NVDA is already running, my recollection is that the installer shuts down the currently running version before the talking installer is active.
Very common behavior for programs that allow what I call "install over installs," and these days that's most of them.

I don't want any program shutting down a running instance of something that's not an earlier version of itself, ever.  An arrangement where something bows out when it detects something it would conflict with, sure, e.g. Windows Security will shut itself down when another Security Suite signals it's being installed, but that's it.  I wouldn't want one to be able to kill the other.  That way lies a lot of potential madness, and is a security nightmare.

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