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Fresh Start <dan@...>

I agree with the other people who told you about the link list only working
in a browser.
However, you can make a link be clickable from the internet that you have
placed into a document.
First whenyou are in the browser like internet explorer, press alt plus the
letter D.
Then Press control plus the letter C for copy to clipboard.
Next alt tab back to your document and press control plus the letter V to
past the link into the document where you wish.
Next, place your cursor at the beginning of the url and highlight that line
by pressing shift plus the end key.
Then press control plus k.
Next tab to ok and press enter.
If you only hear cancel when tabing once you didn't get the complet
highlighted or you didn't actualy copy over the url.

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When I press insert+f7 in Word, instead of a list of links I am placed in
spell check. Does insert+f7 not list links in programs other than internet
browsers? Am I missing a trick?


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