Re: NVDA snd System Access, not a good combination

JM Casey

That’s odd, I have never seen that prompt from narrator. Note that I never would normally have two screen-readers running at the same time, but there are times when JFW or NVDA will appear to lock up and starting Narrator will at least result in a bit of access. Maybe enough o go into task maanger or issue a  “taskkill” to get rid of the stuck screen-reader process.



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That’s  true.that’s  one good thing about narrator and if something is sluggish with nvda or jaws an if you fire up narrator, narrator will detect an tell you that a second screenreader is running and to  turn it off in order to  make use of narrator.i think that  other screen readers should learn from this concept and add this useful  feature into their screen readers as well. 


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On Wed, Dec 9, 2020 at 06:54 PM, Bob Cavanaugh wrote:

The problem is that if you inadvertantly or maybe even deliberately fire up System Access and NVDA at the same time, the whole system slows down to a point where it becomes almost unusable.

I'd guess that this would be the result if any two third-party screen readers are fired up at the same time.

Narrator, as a built-in component of Windows 10 (and 8.1), is likely sui generis in terms of the resources allocated to it that isolate it from another screen reader.

Just like I tell my clients you should never, ever, ever run two antivirus programs/security suites at the same time on the same machine, I say the same with regard to screen readers.  Unload one before you load another.

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