Re: LibreOffice and NVDA

Chris Mullins

Hi Brian

I do that but it displays 123.40 as 123.4.  There is loads of help concerning suppressing leading zeroes but I can’t find anything to do with stopping it dropping trailing zeroes.





From: Brian Vogel
Sent: 10 December 2020 18:41
Subject: Re: [nvda] libraoffice and nvda 

Formatting number of digits in LibreOffice Calc, MS Excel ... 
      (one can always use the Decimal Places field under options, ticking the number up to whatever you need, too)

Custom Number Format Basics - LibreOffice Calc ...
       (this one covers very "non general" cases where you want to customize all sorts of things about how a number may be presented, including but not limited to having custom text, e.g. "miles," or "quarterly," trailing it.)

Calc: Customize 'General' number format ... - Ask LibreOffice
        (this one gets into customizing the Calc blank spreadsheet template if you want your general number format to constantly be something other than what it defaults to, which is stripped of leading zeros and trailing zero decimals)


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