locked Re: issues with memory, dell computer, and real tech sound drivers?

Sam Taylor

If you are getting Not Enough Memory errors, have you examined how your PageFile is being managed?




On 11/12/2020 8:17 am, Melissa Jean wrote:

I've been having issues with my new dell latitude 5511 laptop since I
got it in September.
I cannot run more than 1 program at a time for longer than an hour or
so because my screen reader will just lock up and stop talking. I get
this with JAWS and NVDA. When I was still doing school, I would be
working in word, saving it, and sometimes find that it didn't even
save the work I was doing. I would get errors saying "not enough
memory to run this process" when working with chrome or Firefox.
The only thing I could do is to force shut down and reboot. My
computer gets hot, like I'm running something really intensive with
it. But, I'm not... most of the time I'm just running my MUD client or
just reading my email in Chrome/Firefox.
I saw an email here a week or so ago saying it could be the real tech
drivers. I used be my eyes to facetime/remote connect with MS
disability and there were no other choices for the sound drivers but
real tech. Someone, Luke I believe, mentioned switching to the default
windows HD sound drivers. Since I couldn't do that I updated the
drivers for real tech, they had an update Oct 27. It worked fine until
December 5 th when windows updated itself, though I have this off and
it's another story, so my problems reverted.
I ran for a week or so with no problems and all of the sudden it is
back to what it was before. I used to be able to have a couple of word
docs open, a browser, and some folders, like a normal person and I'm
back now to running one program and having to reboot all the time.
The laptop has perfect ventilation, I have two us fans blowing on it
and it's practically vertical on a laptop stand since I use an
external keyboard.
If anyone has any suggestions for me I would appreciate them because
it seems to have MS stumped and anyone I talk to stumped as well.
I have the latest version of windows 10, JAWS, and NVDA 2020.2 or 1 I
believe. I stopped updating NVDA when my synth add on stopped working
and can’t be bothered to try and find a replacement for it. It does
this to me no matter if I’m using JAWS or NVDA.

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