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The original questioner asked about whether the VPN feature is accessible.  I don't know, I haven't used Opera. However, the Brave browser allows you to open pages using Tor and that is accessible.  I don't know if you will e able to do what you want with Tor.  I just tried using Youtube in the Tor Window and Youtube didn't accept the connection.  The New York Times did.


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Hi all.

Opera is accessible with NVDA because the base is Chromium, the same base of Google Chrome. Well, when I used this browser a day, I have a problem in the navigation of address bar, but the browser is usable and accessible.




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hey guys
Has anyone used Opera with NVDA and  how accessible is it? I've heard that it has a free vpn and wondering if that part is usable as well. I'm a google chrome user, but figured I would try this browser because I always like to see how accessability is from one browser to the next. Any tips or feedback would be greatly appreciated
Hope you all have a happyy and healthy holiday season!


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