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On Fri, Dec 11, 2020 at 12:33 PM, Don H wrote:
OK so it is ok for NVDA to have such useful shortcut keys for headings, links buttons and so on but it is not ok to have a virtual ribbon function like Jaws has?
JAWS has used quick browsing shortcut keys for years and years now, most of which are the same as the ones NVDA is using.

The virtual ribbon is a crutch, was introduced when accessibility to the ribbon was sketchy because it was new, and is utterly unnecessary now.  The ribbons are nothing more than menus that have a slightly different navigation method.  And since they've been the de facto standard user interface for over a decade now, knowing how to use them in their native, and entirely accessible, form is far better than creating an unnecessary system to overlay them.  Freedom Scientific is not doing anyone any favors by not retiring this feature.

The NVDA Commands Quick Reference can be brought up with the command NVDA+N,H,Q.  It's one of the handiest commands when you need to find one of the commands you seldom use or have just forgotten.  The User Guide can be opened with NVDA+N,H,U.


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