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soloman s

Dear sir,
I've been requesting you to include Tamil Language. Please let me know
if I could do anything to get things done though I am not into
technology related jobs.

On 12/12/20, Oleksandr Gryshchenko <> wrote:
Hi friends,

If someone uses online dictionaries - I offer an updated version of Quick
Dictionary add-on :)
Many significant changes have been made to this release.
The biggest change is that the add-on's capabilities can now be expanded by
adding new online dictionaries and translation services.
Added dialog box for managing voice synthesizers profiles.
The full list of updates is listed below.

New dictionary service also supports Arabic, as it was previously requested

Changes in version 2.0:
* added the ability to connect other online dictionary services (now
supported Lexicala and Yandex);
* added Lexicala service and its settings panel (supports 50 languages) -
* added a dialog for choosing an online service from the list of available
* added a command to get information about the selected service;
* added a dialog for working with profiles of voice synthesizers (supported
operations Create/Change/Delete/Update/Save);
* implemented the procedure for switching to the previous voice
* implemented a parallel thread to monitor the state of the synthesizer
((improved switching of synthesizers when voicing a dictionary article));
* due to an increase in the number of functions in the add-on - help for
commands is now displayed in a separate window;
* updated procedure for caching requests to online services;
* added add-on submenu to NVDA menu;
* updated ReadMe.

Please note that Lexicala Dictionaries only allows 300 free inquiries per
Therefore, if you plan to use this service - please register your own

You can download the updated version here:

Have a nice week-end!

With warm regards
Solomon S

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