Re: web page navigation


There is an attachment that may allow you to skip advertisements. I don't recall its name though I can probably find it with a Google search. You can also try an add blocker. But the attachment isn't for reading line by line. It is for reading text, such as an article and it requires that you issue the read command at frequent intervals. I'm not sure when you have to do this, if it is at the end of every paragraph or just when. The add-on skips extraneous material.

But that may not be what you want. An add blocker may be.


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From: Don H
Sent: Saturday, December 12, 2020 3:49 PM
Subject: [nvda] web page navigation

Running latest released version of NVDA on a win 10 20h2 system and
latest veersions of Google Chrome and MS Edge.
I like to use the arrow keys to review a web page. In doing that I come
accross multiple lines in a row that say Inserted. I think these are
advertisements. Is there a way with NVDA to skip over these types of lines?

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