Re: Accessible Google Drive Clients

Sarah k Alawami

I use an ftp client on the mac to access my google drive. I wonder if something like flash fsp or the client I use on windows that I have forgotten can do this. If so, give that a try. It won't back up and sync, but you can upload to it like dropbox etc.


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On 14 Dec 2020, at 10:11, Bhavya shah wrote:

Dear all,

I use NVDA version 2020.3 on Windows 10, and am on the lookout for an
alternative Google Drive client. I currently use Google's own Backup
and Sync utility, and my main issue with it is that it does not sync
shared folders. (Shift+Z no longer works.) Additionally, Backup and
Sync is a bit too resource-hungry for my liking and seems to sometimes
cause disproportionate loads. Any suggestions of third-party,
accessible and lightweight Google Drive clients for Windows 10 would
be massively helpful.

I would truly appreciate any assistance with the above.


Best Regards
Bhavya Shah
Stanford University | Class of 2024
E-mail Address: bhavya.shah125@...

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