Re: How TO Use Windows 10 OCR


Are you absolutely, positively certain that the graphic that has focus in your example case has content that can be OCR processed?  I ask that not to be snarky, but I've seen rare occasions where something is mislabeled and contains, say, a photograph of an outdoor scene, which cannot, of course, be OCR processed.  And in those sorts of circumstances, I really don't know how you'd know that sans sighted assistance, though there very well may be a way I'm unaware of.  I know there are now picture describers, which might help.


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[Regarding the Supreme Court refusing to hear the case brought by Texas to overturn the votes certified by 4 states:Pleased with the SCOTUS ruling, but also immediately slightly terrified of where this crazy train goes next.  We should know by now there’s a bottomless supply of crazy.

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