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These can be configured through document formatting settings panel, and can be customized based on which app you are using. This is the reason why app-specific configuration profiles exist, and in some cases, these settings can be toggled off to achieve alternate say all (through a profile).

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I've filed a bug report but I didn't know about feature requests. I'll see what I can find. Maybe its time for NVDA to have profiles in the program as installed that would, for example, read bloc quote when popular e-mail programs are being used but not when browsing. Can you imagine the uproar if talking book readers identified bloc quotes, and figures that have no meaning except visually, they are a way of presenting text which would be read exactly the same way, such as a link, and other material of very questionable value?

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On Wed, Dec 16, 2020 at 06:57 AM, Gene wrote:
Who cares about bloc quote and end of bloc quote.- On that one, I know scads of people who care about this, particularly when dealing with email messages involving a lot of back and forth.

On GitHub for NVAccess there exist two options as far as the creation of an
Issue: Bug Report and Feature Request. I'd say that yours falls in to the
category of Feature Request, since NVDA is running as currently designed, but that design is problematic for you as an end user.

I thought that NVDA had what I think JAWS calls verbosity levels, but I cannot seem to recall what they're called if they do, or under what settings they're tweaked.


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