Re: How is verbosity decided


I can't answer that question but I think turning off links is going too far.


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i totally agree with you gene.
but i turned off all document formatting check boxes except reporting
page number.
is it possible that i define a shortcut for it and disable this option too?
for example: i press a shortcut key and nvda tells me the page number
which i am in, but dont say it when using SayAll or even when
navigating by using arrow keys.

On 12/16/20, Gene <> wrote:
I might create a ticket for this but it doesn't look to me as though the
system is designed to support such tickets. Where should such a question be


I'm really annoyed that NVDA has created new verbosity that, while it might

be useful, should be off by default. And one item has no way to turn it
off. The announcement of figure and out of figure has no justification for

anyone but someone who is interested in evaluating a web page for some
purpose such as to determine how structures are used, completely irrelevant

to most or almost all readers. Yet we now constantly hear figure and out of

figure. Its distracting, it wastes time, and as I said, there is no setting

to turn it off and it shouldn't be on in the first place.

How are such decisions made and why does the prevailing philosophy seem to
be, leave almost all browse mode verbosity on by default? Who cares about
bloc quote and end of bloc quote. How many people want to hear every list
and embedded lists announced. The whole philosopy and intent of these
settings should be reviewed.


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