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On Wed, Dec 16, 2020 at 04:21 PM, Gene wrote:
Of course, NVDA uses scripts for various programs but that isn't what I had in mind.
I know what follows is hair-splitting, but my time in the screen reader world has taught me that sometimes it's necessary.

To my knowledge, it is only JAWS that uses scripts and uses the term scripts.  NVDA uses add-ons.  These mechanisms are more about ease of accessibility than behavior configuration, per se.

I believe both use the term configuration profile or just profile as it relates to setting things up to work as you want it to in a given individual program.  I know that JAWS used to do what you mentioned, and that is ship certain profiles as part of the product that cause behavioral change depending on what program JAWS happens to be running over.  It certainly appears that these configuration profiles are stored in files that a user could share with other users or port with them to other systems (presuming they're using installed NVDA, portable NVDA already carries these along as part of the folder hierarchy for portable NVDA)

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