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Christo de Klerk

Many thanks, Joseph, much appreciated.

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On 2020/12/17 10:10 am, Joseph Lee wrote:


The supersonic jet has landed:

Liblouis 3.16.1 follow-up: add Afrikaans grade 2 braille table to braille input/output tables interface by josephsl · Pull Request #11946 · nvaccess/nvda (


I asked NV Access and other reviewers to take care of this before final 2020.4 localization data is sent to translators.




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Hi Quentin


Some months ago I raised the matter of the LibLouis Afrikaans grade 2 table not being included in NVDA. The response was that LibLouis developers should notify NVDA developers that the table is available for inclusion. I then raised it on the LibLouis list and as the developer of the table assured everybody that the table was fine for both forward and back translation and should be included in other products which it currently is, except for NVDA. Joseph took part in that discussion. The LibLouis developers seemed unaware that they officially had to let NVDA developers know about the table.


I honestly don't know what to do any more to get the table included. We need it here in our country and it has been included with every version of LibLouis since September last year. Please can you assist.


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On 2020/12/17 12:13 am, Quentin Christensen wrote:

Hi everyone,


Lazily copying my tweet - so you get everything in one sentence: NVDA 2020.4Beta1 is now available for testing, including  new Chinese Input methods, an update to Liblouis, the elements list now works in focus mode, context sensitive help pressing F1 in NVDA dialogs & heaps more!



As usual, please do report any issues on GitHub.


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Quentin Christensen
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