Re: How TO Use Windows 10 OCR


Hi Bhavya,
Another thing to check, is screen curtain disabled? The OCR does not work when screen curtain is enabled.

Kind regards/Vriendelijke groet,
Artin Dekker

Op 16-12-2020 om 17:00 schreef Bhavya shah:

Dear all,

I am using NVDA 2020.3 on Windows 10's latest stable build. Whenever I
focus on a graphic on the web and press NVDA+R, NVDA says:
"Result document"
After that, I arrow up and down, move the review cursor around, but to
no avail as NVDA keeps saying "blank" consistently. I then need to
press Esc to go back to the graphic where I was, essentially returning
to where I started. I would note that I do not have the Tessarac OCR
add-on installed as I would like to leverage Windows 10 OCR. I am not
sure if I am doing something wrong, if I need to configure something
differently, or am somehow missing the scanned results.

I would truly appreciate any assistance in getting the hang of using
the Windows 10 OCR functionality via NVDA.


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