Re: Using the NVDA Dictionaries to Alter Pronunciations

Jeff Samco

When I use Code Factory's Eloquence I get the same result as Robert. When I switch to a OneCore voice I get the correct pronunciation. I think Eloquence has some built-in substitutions That takes the Mar of Mark and reads it as the month of March and tries to render the entire string as a date. I have noticed the 3-letter string of Dec, when occuring as the first part of a word, can be spoken as December. I have checked my extensive pronunciation dictionary and find nothing that might be triggering this from that aspect.


At 03:59 PM 12/17/2020, you wrote:
Do you have any speech dictionary entries?

For me, using eSpeak-NG, OneCore Voices or SAPI 5, I get "Zero Two Mark" for both, and for the second, at higher punctuation level I get Zero Two Line Mark".

On Thu, Dec 17, 2020 at 9:46 PM Robert Doc Wright godfearer <godfearer@...> wrote:
any time I have the folowing:
02 Mark
NVDA pronounces it MarchTwonk.
What can I do to get it to say 02 Mark?Â
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