Re: Using the NVDA Dictionaries to Alter Pronunciations


I am making the presumption here that the reference is to the Biblical Gospel of Mark, and, if so, am wondering if the issue exhibits itself only for Chapter 2, or for other or all chapters when the format shown for the chapter two reference is used for any of the other chapters?

If it's a "cross chapter" issue, then the solution I gave would need to be tweaked again, so that any chapter number, with or without a leading zero, would be captured correctly and the replacement string would have the correct chapter supplied rather than relying on "oh two" alone.

If we're talking about all chapters for all four Gospels, I think this regular expression would work for the pattern:  \b0?([1-9]+)[ _](Matthew|Mark|Luke|John)\b
where the replacement would be:  \1 \2   
which could still be a problem depending on the synth and voice
or, potentially: \2 Chapter \1

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