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g melconian <gmelconian619@...>

I have version 1 when I get emails from . 


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Subject: Re: [nvda] Do you use plain text email or HTML-formatted?


Thank you to those who responded to the poll.  Now for a follow-up that can't be done as a poll.  Would you please take a look at any message, and it can be for any group not just NVDA, and see what the "links cluster" at the very end of your messages looks like.

The two variants I have documented are:

Version 1: Links: You receive all messages sent to this group.
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Version 2: Links:

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Both versions begin with the string: Links, and I'm talking about the first occurrence of that string working upward from the end of the current message.  Since there's an awful lot of bottom quoting that occurs, there can be scads of these contained in a message from quotation, but it's the last one just before the end that's important.

I am trying to figure out if there's a correlation between the use of Plain Text mail and Links Group Version 1 and HTML-Formatted email and Version 2.  I have not yet been able to determine why the "Reply to Sender" link is not present in some messages, and am wondering if it might be due to the email formatting option in use by a user or not.  Obviously, the specific link addresses shown will not be the same as the two examples I've extracted from messages sent to me.  It's the presence or absence of the Reply to Sender link that I'm focused on.

Please send your observations to me privately, either using the Reply to Sender link at the end of this message, if present, or using my email address, britechguy@..., if it is not.

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