Re: Dell issues - information request

Giles Turnbull

Hi Quentin,

I didn't experience this issue with a Dell Latitude 5590 that I owned from August 2018 until I dropped and broke it in September 2019! The insurance policy I had allowed me to replace it with a Latitude 5500 but I've been using an old Asus laptop of mine rather than the Dell. I'll be back with my parents for a few days next week and will be able to try out the Dell Latitude 5500 and will be happy to post my comments on whether I experience any issues then :)

My asus G751JL gaming laptop uses RealTek audio drivers and usually requires me to forceably re-start NVDA with Alt+CTRL+n two or three times per day when NVDA grinds to a halt doing things ... I don't know whether this is related to the Dell issue and I don't know how to test it out. I've owned and heavily used the Asus laptop for a good 4 years.


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