Re: Using the NVDA Dictionaries to Alter Pronunciations


On Fri, Dec 18, 2020 at 04:07 AM, Robert Doc Wright godfearer wrote:
Ok then I need to address this to Code factory because I am using Eloquence.
No snark toward you intended (it's aimed at Code Factory/Eloquence):  Good luck with that.

This sort of behavior is not limited to Eloquence, and I've experienced it with a number of other synths, and when using them with other screen readers.  The issue with making changes is the same for a synth-maker as it is for any software maker that has had a given behavior or feature out there for a very long time:  Many users rely on that behavior, even if it drives other users insane.  You cannot please everyone with whatever defaults or "efficiency shortcuts" you take that work for many, but really don't work for some (who may still be many in number).

The whole purpose of the speech dictionary functions in screen readers is to get around quirks like this one.  And if you want a quick result, you use that tool yourself, as it could be months to years to never as far as getting any change from the synth itself.

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