Re: copy to clip board


Comments on what's new in the beta:

I don't think automatic reading of what is copied to the clipboard is a good feature.  First, it only says copied to clipboard where it always has, that is, in Browse Mode.  It doesn't do what the add-on does, that is, say copied or copied to clipboard in general.  The only change is that it now repeats the text you have copied to the clipboard, which  is already available using the command NVDA c.  I generally know what I have selected before I copy it and I'd rather issue the command to hear it if I want it announced.  This way, I have to stop speech every time I don't want the readout.

I think the automatic reading should be removed and that the announcement of copied or copied to clipboard should be made universal, as the add-on does.

I wouldn't object if an announcement were made when copying text that says something like, to hear what has been selected before copying, use NVDA c or NVDA key c.  You would then be instructed that to stop this announcement, do something like issue the command NVDA c quickly twice.  But this is an example of too much automation and it tells you what is copied after you did so where the NVDA c command tells you what you will copy.  I don't want to make this more important than it is.  Pressing control to stop speech takes almost no time and can be gotten used to quickly, its the principle.  I think its too much verbosity and often duplicates what I hear when I want to when selecting text or using NVDA key 3.

I very seldom work with sites that have Aria live regions, so I can't test this, but the feature that turns off speech from those regions when dynamic content is turned off is an important addition.

When using the f1 help in NVDA dialogs, in the one dialog I tested it in, document formatting, you lose your place in the dialog when help is opened with f1.  Closing help returns you to the beginning of the dialog.  Also, after frames, there is an unlabeled checkbox and it is not listed in the help documentation.  why is it there and what does it do?

Figure and out of figure are also still not controllable in the object presentation dialog.


12/18/2020 4:10 PM, Don H wrote:

The fnew feature within the NVDA beta where it says copy to clip board and then says what has been copied is really a nice new feature.

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