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The program formerly from JASC, Paintshop Pro is now owned by Corel.
I only use it for scanning documents, but it was an accessible program
when it was owned by JASC and Corel has maintained it's accessibility,
so I'd hope that they'd do the same for Word Perfect.


On 12/19/20, David Goldfield <> wrote:
Admittedly, I have not worked with the Windows version of Wordperfect in 20
years as a student I was working with used it for her word processor. At
that time it had the old school menu bar interface that many Windows
programs were still using at that time, similar to Office 2003 and earlier.
At the time it was completely accessible. I have no idea as to how the
program's interface may have changed since that time.

David Goldfield,
Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist

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What? WordPerfect still exists?

I'm guessing it's nothing like the last version I had, which was WordPerfect
6 for DOS. I absolutely loved it.

On 2020-12-19 8:51 a.m., Don H wrote:
How well does the latest version of Word Perfect work with screen
readers? See Word Perfect on sale for $59.

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