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As I recall, the discussion was originally about Firefox. What I discussed was regarding Firefox. I had thought, though I've seen such things very little since I turn automatic password prompts off in all browsers, but my recollection is that if I hear alert and screen-reader readable text is present, if I just do nothing, the alert will be read along with the shortcut commands. When you hear the word alert, do you just immediately stop doing anything or do you do something?

I'm not sure if you can find alert text in browsers by moving by f6, though I have found it in this or that browser. But when you hear the word alert, if you want to see if something is read, just stop briefly.

Also, there arte times when I hear the word alert and nothing is spoken that is of any use and where I can't find any screen-reader readable text. I generally ignore alert announcements of the sort if I hear them in future in similar circumstances.


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Hi guys:

I’ve read all of your responses;


I hit f6 many times till I circled around back to the page itself.


How do I know to even hit alt-s when I don’t know that the notification is even there?


I am using the latest edge browser.

Please advise as you like.

Mike M.

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