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corell bought Word Perfect. though it is basically accessible it has one major problem. you cannot select with NVDA. I typed some text and then placed the cursor at the beginning of that text and pressed shift+end and the text disappeared. even shift left arrow seems to delete the text.
i was going through their tutorial and they asked me to access the header/footer bar. i could not find it with screen review. Nor did any bar appear when reading the entire window.

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Well wordperfect I am not sure.

 there are 2 versions, coral wordperfect which I have never really used.

Or wordperfect from my oldgames.7z in my dos thing, I have not actually bothered installing the load of 720 floppies but one could try it I guess.

On 20/12/2020 4:52 pm, Robert Doc Wright godfearer wrote:

you can get a trial copy of word Perfect
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What is a v e p stand?






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I use to use Word Perfect back in the DOS days. I used it when running my BEP stand.

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WordPerfect still exists?

Apparently so.  Look under the Office section of the Products Dropdown on the Corel Home Page.

I can't say anything about it's accessibility, and if I were not already a long-term WordPerfect user, I'd look at other options, several excellent ones of which are free and accessible.

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