Re: How to get NVDA to read password notification in Edge


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The keyboard command to focus the password saving prompt and other similar prompts in Edge (and maybe other Chromium-based browsers) is Alt+Shift+A.

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Kostadin Kolev

На 20.12.2020 г. в 6:11, Brian Vogel написа:

The question is about Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, so I'm asking the cohort to stick to that browser.

And the specific question is how to throw screen reader focus to the pop-up notification for saving a password when a password for a site without one previously saved is first accessed and the password entered AND the option for saving passwords in the Edge browser remains on.

I still can't answer the central question, as I turn off password management in any web browser, and I don't want to turn it back on for experimentation.  If someone is using password management in Chromium-based Edge and knows how to throw focus to that pop-up message when it pops-up, please share.

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