Re: How to study Japanese with NVDA?

Marco Oros


Here is one problem:

Japanese has a japanese braille, but It is not implemented to NVDA, because of three alphabets, which are used in Japanese.

About speech synthesizers, I know that Windows has some japanese voices, but I don't know, how to new japanese keyboard layout.

I have asked this last question, because keys to switch keyboard layout were changed. I think on japanese characters, not switch from one language to another language. For example, I would like to switch from Hiragana to Katakana and Romaji. About Kanji letters, You can press twice time spacebar and select one kanji letter, press enter and It'll be written down.

That's everything, which I know about japanese keyboard layout.

Last note:

I am from Slovakia, not from Japan, but I am interrested to various languages.

Dňa 20. 12. 2020 o 14:32 Daniel Gartmann napísal(a):




I have been asked to help a blind University student who is studying Japanese. The goal is to be able to read on a Braille display connected to a Windows10 computer.


Anybody with experience in studying Japanese on a system in e.g. English or some other language?


I have been told that in order for Japanese Braille to work properly, the entire computer needs to be in Japanese. We are using the computer either in Danish or in English.


I tried running a portable copy of NVDA from, but it didn’t start right away.


So, hope someone with experience in this would be willing to share their knowledge.


Thanks in advance.




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