Re: Advice wanted: Accessible twain document cameras that work with NVDA?

Chris Smart

I have a barely used Plustech Opticbook 4800 flatbed scanner here. Does anyone think I will ever find a buyer for it? Just about everybody's scanning/OCR needs are being met by the various smartphone apps these days. Trying to sell this is harder than trying to sell a non-interpoint Braille embosser. LOL

On 2020-12-20 3:40 p.m., hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:
Hi Mo.

Have you got a cell phone or smart phone with a camera. On the phone I have hear I have apps that can take a picture then ocr it to text then I can save it to other places or plug it into the computer and take the files off it in text form it would depend on the camera on the phone usually a 8mp is recommended for saying taking a picture of a form then ocring it to text.

there are both free and paid apps that can do that and I guess it would depend on the platform of your phone and what is in the app store just another idea.

Gene nz

On 21/12/2020 3:11 am, Mobeen Iqbal wrote:
Hello Everyone.

I am wondering if anyone can help with the following. I am looking for a document camera as desk space is limited. I do not want a camera which is tied to any specific software if it can be helped. I have previously tried solutions from visionaid and the Perl camera from freedom scientific, but I was never able to get them working with any software other than the software the devices come with.

I have seen document cameras for sale on Amazon, but it's unclear from the description if any of them work with scanning software such as DocuScan, Free OCR, Kurzweil etc. I don't mind what software the camera uses as long as it's accessible and performs OCR, and the unit is reasonably well built and isn't too pricey. does anyone have any ideas?

Very best wishes,


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