Re: How to study Japanese with NVDA?


Hmph, well you will need the languages installed in windows reaginal settings and language, have the japanese keyboard loaded, and mayve set japanese as your input and maybe display language I don't know exactly.

Switch everything to japanese and then I guess switch the voice of nvda to japanese in espeak or other synth.

If you mean run both, there are translation addons but if you want to run things side by side then thats beyond me.

I only use english and usually delete all the extra junk off the system.

There are resources available to handle one of the other but I have never done a side by side.

On 21/12/2020 2:32 am, Daniel Gartmann wrote:




I have been asked to help a blind University student who is studying Japanese. The goal is to be able to read on a Braille display connected to a Windows10 computer.


Anybody with experience in studying Japanese on a system in e.g. English or some other language?


I have been told that in order for Japanese Braille to work properly, the entire computer needs to be in Japanese. We are using the computer either in Danish or in English.


I tried running a portable copy of NVDA from, but it didn’t start right away.


So, hope someone with experience in this would be willing to share their knowledge.


Thanks in advance.




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