Re: Advice wanted: Accessible twain document cameras that work with NVDA?

Milos Przic

Since February I have been using a book scanner. It is an Iris Book scanner. Basically it is a small device, as long as the width of an a4 size paper. You put it on a page and drive it across the page. You can scan the document as a pdf, multi-page pdf or jpg into its memory, but also you can install its software for OCR, which works pretty well with NVDA, coppy a scanned page to clipboard or wherever you want and just read in realtime. It is how I use it, though as I said you can also scan documents on an sd card and then do an OCR with whichever software you want. I use it with its software as I like reading in realtime, because if a page is badly scanned I can just repeat it and read again. Also, for my research assignments, I must go to libraries and stuff so carying the laptop and the scanner, as the Iris one, turned out very practical.

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