Re: How to study Japanese with NVDA?

Clement Chou

Sorry, should clarify. Meant to say that it's not entrely true that an
iphone or iPad is the best way to study Japanese... because Japanese
language support is in NVDA. Typing is also much easier on a computer
though admittedly I haven't played around much with Kanji selection on
an iphone. :) The mobile devices help though once you have an
understanding of Japanese braille and want to read something on the

On 12/21/20, Clement Chou <> wrote:
Not true. Again, see messages above. Braille support for the Japanese
languages is supported by NVDA.

On 12/21/20, Josh Kennedy <> wrote:
The best way to study Japanese with a braille display is by using an
or an iPad. Apple has fully implemented Japanese into its braille tables
youth with braille displays.

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