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Interesting point.  The way it works currently is that:
- We regularly release Alpha snapshots every few days or sometimes several times a day, regardless of where else we are in the release cycle
- Three or four weeks before a release, we release a beta version.  If any bugs are found, we release a second (or third etc) beta.  This time around, the beta will have a little longer so we didn't either rush things to push a release before Christmas, or leave it entirely until next year.
- A week or so before the release, we put out a "Release Candidate" (RC) build.  Again, if any issues are found, we go to RC2, RC3 etc.
- Once all the big bugs have been ironed out (or pulled), we put out the final version.

The Beta and RC versions are set by default to prompt to update as new beta or RC builds, or the final stable version comes out.  If we were to have the beta install in a separate place, then it would make that sequence more complex.  And it would also be one more thing to change at some point (when we move to the RC?  Or only when we move to the stable version?) - and of course, any change is an opportunity to break something.

That's my thoughts off the top of my head, but it's an idea I'm happy to take more thoughts on.


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Hi all,


I believe that the beta should be installed into its own directory and not overwrite the existing full version. Your thoughts would be appreciated.






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Hi everyone,


Lazily copying my tweet - so you get everything in one sentence: NVDA 2020.4Beta1 is now available for testing, including  new Chinese Input methods, an update to Liblouis, the elements list now works in focus mode, context sensitive help pressing F1 in NVDA dialogs & heaps more!



As usual, please do report any issues on GitHub.


Kind regards





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