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You will need Python 3.7. Liblouis bindings cannot be found in Python 3.8 or
later unless os.add_dll_directory (function/context manager) is called from
NvDA side, and I resolved it in a branch I'm working on to port NVDA to
Python 3.8 and later (it actually works apart from needing to install Python
3.8 specific dependencies):
The branch to check out is "walrus" (without quotes) in reference to the
walrus operator (:=), which makes certain conditional statements easier to
read and digest (walrus operator, or assignment expression, was introduced
in Python 3.8). In the coming days, I will be releasing a really bleeding
edge version of NVDA (based on latest alpha snapshot), or for that matter,
two builds:
* Python 3.7 with wxPython GUI toolkit update (version 4.1.1)
* Python 3.8 with wxPython GUI toolkit update (4.1.1)

IMPORTANT: these bleeding-edge snapshots will come from my own fork of NVDA
and thus is unsupported by NV Access i.e. these are prototypes. The first
build will not affect add-ons that much, whereas the second build will break
at least one add-on and will cause BRLTTY support features to not function.
Both builds will have GUI toolkit related bugs, the most important being
NVDA will appear to freeze when you open NVDA's about dialog and similar

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Hello Everyone,

I recently installed Python 3.9 on my Windows 10 desktop machine.
The first thing I noticed was that the statement import louis produces an
error,because the liblouis python bindings cannot be found.

At launch opens a console-like IDE. NVDA handles editing of lines nicely,
but there is no way to read previous lines except by pressing numpad 7.
There is also no wayh to
view the entire window, starting at the top.
I've also used NVDA with the Bash subsystem and ssh, with the same problem.

Any comments will be welcome.


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