Re: Looking for newest vocalizer driver


Yes, i use russian+english language pair, so they have different character sets, latin and cyrillic.For example, you can try to read any russian site,, and so on. Or you canĀ  set some of russian voices as default, correctly configure auto lang switching, and then type some english text in notepad. Then, if you will move between strings of entered text using arrows, NVDA will use english voice, previously selected for english language in auto lang switching configuration dialog, but if you'll use "say all", it will read this text with russian default voice. I also need to say, that in older versions of driver(3.0.x), there was no same issue and auto lang switching works fine everywhere, including "Say all".
I have very beginner's skills in programming, but tried to investigate what happens when i use "Say all". I found patchedSpeak function in file, located in Vocalizer driver folder and added "tones.beep(100, 100)" in it, and also "import tones" at the beginning of this file. I found that in version 3.1.2 there is no call to this function when using "Say all" (no beep occurs), and in version 3.0.8, when i use "say all", a beep occurs indicating that function patchedSpeak is called. Maybe, this information will be useful for you.

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