Re: pc keyboard addon

Clarissa Mitchell

Did you try putting a space after the last word? I just tried this
add-on for the first time because I was curious. When I turned off
Braille input, the last word disappeared until I pressed the spacebar.

On 12/23/20, mike mcglashon <> wrote:

I downloaded the addon updater,

It worked;

It updated the braille pc keyboard addon okay but,

After opening notepad and testing it I found something weird;

I typed the following sentence in notepad;

"I want to see if this braille pc keyboard works as intended".

Whenever I got to the word "intended"

It put a "p" in front of the word, and a "?" after it;

Then I took the braille pc keyboard off,

And arrowed around,

Then the word "intended" disappeared altogether.

Is there some sort of bug that I should know about?

Please advise as you like.

Mike M.

Mike mcglashon

Email: <>

Ph: 618 783 9331

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