Re: Looking for a NVDA Add-on to have this funcion

Rui Fontes

This is equivalent to the active frame, or something like that, of Jaws...

I think it is very usefull in certain situations...

I think we can do it in NVDA in two ways, at least...

1 - Using the OCR facility in NVDA and Windows 10, allow the creation of a frame, by positioning the mouse or entering the left upper corner and right lower corner coordinates, and then performing OCR to that location;

2 - Determining the navigation object and his location, announcing the text...

Rui Fontes

NVDA portuguese team

Às 00:54 de 24/12/2020, Sim Kah Yong escreveu:

Dear all,

I wish to be able to perform the following funcion and hope one of you can suggest an add-on for me.

Take the Zoom desktop app as an example.

I wish to be able to define the top right hand corner which shows "my connected time" and assign a hotkey to read the focus portion of the screen as an dwhen I need to. I relize that the Golden Cursor add-on is able to do it, but it does not allow me to assign hotkey to read out defined portion of screen. Hope I have explained myself clearly and looking forward to any suggestions or ideas. Thanks.

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