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Brian, also by me is happened something so but not connected with sound. Yes,

Artin,and just here's the problem. With control + e, I receive information, which actually is given by resource monitor. And I need very much append text, that's why I uninstalled resource monitor, and now is all OK. But at the same time I also like resource monitor, although I don't particulary understand the proposed of it information.

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Sounds like a  hot key clash with something else to me, though I'm not sure what.

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   Hi group and developpers!

A wonderful add-on otherwise! It helps me much. But I can't understand why it refuses my friendship!

Just it happens sometings strange enough. And it happens second time by the way. When I've installed first time the add-on, it works very well. But at the second time I used it: control + shift + e, announced me data about my computer and control + shift + v, announced me the microsoft word's version I work with. I uninstalled the add-on and reInstalled it. The same thing: first It worked well and now: no results. I thank in advance for any ideas.


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