NVDA not coming through Bluetooth devices

Sharni-Lee Ward

So I got a bluetooth speaker for my birthday, and bluetooth headphones for Christmas. I've gotten the hang of using my speaker, but after the last major Windows Update, NVDA's speech stopped coming through the speaker when it was active. It comes through the computer's speakers instead. I don't really mind this with the speaker, as I use it primarily to listen to music out loud and with NVDA coming through the computer speakers, it doesn't disrupt the enjoyment of my music nearly as much as it can when I'm using normal headphones. However, when I test the Bluetooth headset I got for Christmas, I'll need to either figure out how to get NVDA to transmit through them while they're active, or be ready for a future event where an update may alter the relevant settings. I'm told there are scenarios where you have to change which soundcard NVDA is on, but I don't want to be unable to use NVDA when I power off my headphones.

Could someone explain this process to me? I'm sure someone here has had experience with this kind of issue before.

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