Re: Does Dictation Bridge work with latest NVDA?

hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi Milton

I think some body said you need the beta version of it I am guessing it is on the website where you saw that add on.

If you are new to nvda press the nvda key + letter N then arrow to tools a sub menu will come up then arrow down to manage add ons then press the enter key. When the next screen comes up tab a few times until you hear nvda say get add ons then press the enter key your browser will come up with add ons on that page it says a little about the add on on the main page so find the link to the add on you are interested in press the enter key and on the next page it says what it does etc and you can download the add on from there.

by the way look at the dates as some have not been updated to work with the latest nvda version usually found on the main page.

there are other places where you can also get add ons from but this is the official page for them that comes up in the add on manager.

Gene nz

On 27/12/2020 2:14 pm, Milton Charlton wrote:
Does Dictation Bridge work with the latest NVDA?
As far as I can tell, the latest version of Dictation Bridge is v1.1 .
The description of Dictation Bridge indicates that it would be very useful for an unsighted person who does not touch type and needs to use their computer only with audio in/out.

Are there other addons to NVDA like Dictation Bridge?  It seems to be a group of macros that use Windows Speech Recognition (or Dragon) to control NVDA or JAWS.



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