Re: Tiger software suite accessibility with NVDA?


Well there are 3d printers.

Now you couldn't create the model or image to throw at it but in theory if you could get that and had the components you could make a model.

That may be accessible..

People use 3d printers to make everything, in theory you could make bits of humans like eyes for existance.

In practice, nasa has used 3d printers to build rockets and things and they work so yeah, its got potential.

For the home users you can only make plastic models but if you had the ability and the models, toner, etc then you could make a modle of an engine maybe.

On 27/12/2020 6:41 am, Jonathan COHN via wrote:
No, I can't see how Tiger could make the designer portion of their software accessible. it allows one to import images and then reduce their complexity so that millions of colors and pixels can be represented on a dot scale that has just a few heights. i believe the import and emboss portions of the software are usable by screen readers, but taking a multi-color representation of the internal combustion engine and rendering that or parts of that to be useable as a training tool for the blind is something that in our current technology phase requires one to have some working vision. I would love to hear ideas of how this could be done, but that would not belong on this list.

on dec 26, 2020, at 08:54, ali savas <> wrote:


i had to make the experience so far that the tiger software suite is
somehow usable, but i would not speak of accessible here yet. actually
very sad, considering that the target group is actually the blind users.


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