NVDA remote access via an android app, narwhal

Jacob Kruger

Hope this isn't OT, but, not sure if many users are aware of an android app called narwhal, which allows you remote access to a PC with both NVDA and the NVDARemote add-on installed:


The app on the playstore is here:


Either way, since I have an additional machine here that am working with besides my primary development machine, I had installed both the same version of NVDA on it, along with the add-on, and, configured it to automatically set itself as a remote control target on startup, since don't want to have to switch between their two keyboards too often, and, thought would give this android software a try as well, for the first time.

I hooked up a full USB keyboard to my android handset via an OTG adapter, and, honestly, it worked pretty well overall, with the only issue being that it seemed to keep the numlock key locked, so had to work with either caps-lock or the additional insert key above the cursor arrow keys as NVDA key, and, couldn't make use of the object navigation keystrokes on the numpad itself, so, might want to then work with laptop layout, or something.

But, was quite impressed either way since, while it didn't stream any other audio from the PC to my phone, it provided NVDA's spoken output to me via talkback's voice, with only a very slight lag.

And, this meant I could otherwise pretty much make full use of the PC, the software on it, do web searches, read the results, etc. etc.

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