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I sent this message to the wrong llist.


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this site gives links to read four approved Catholic Bibles. You may want
to ask which version is used in your class and if the instructor cares which
version you use.

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Press enter on them just as you do for links. I'm not sure if NVDA reads
something as clickable at times when it isn't but that is what you do on a
properly clickable control.

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How do I interact with clickables?
family Times weekly Movie times

go to Doc's Stream
Ask Miss A to play family times on tuneIn
You can also find family times on OoTunes.

Get the stream guide:

walking in VictoryI welcome all that are interested in joining our
devotionals on Monday thru saturdays at 8am EST. join the devotion channel.
Also, there is a weekly bible study at 8pm EST in the Walking with Jesus

Add the following information in your TeamTalk
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TCP/UDP ports: 10333

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