Re: How to turn off NVDA

Chris Mullins


After pressing Insert+q, ensure the combo box in the Exit NVDA dialog is set to “Exit” and not to one of the restart options before yu press the OK button.





From: Food Posse
Sent: 28 December 2020 18:23
Subject: [nvda] How to turn off NVDA


Can anyone help to fully turn off NVDA?


We are trying to set up a new computer for a friend and installed NVDA.

We are not familiar with screen readers so we launched NVDA to test it

for her.  Then we tried to quit NVDA with insert + Q then OK, but NVDA

continued to run. No matter what we tried to quit, NVDA continued to

run. We finally went to the task manager to end task to stop NVDA. But

then NVDA automatically came back on whenever we installed or launched a

new program. We tried searching online for help but the Insert + Q or

Exit was the only option offered. But that option does not work for us.


When we turned Narrator on and off, it stayed off until we selected to

activate it.  Is there a similar setting or way to turn off NVDA and for

it to stay off until we select to turn it on?  Thank you for any help

the group can offer.







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