Re: you are invited to upgrade to NonVisual Desktop Access 2016.3

Quentin Christensen

Hi Kerry,

You can run the snapshot - next or master - builds without affecting
your installed copy. When you run the file, it starts exactly the
same as when you install the regular copy of NVDA. You can at that
point choose to "continue running" or set it up as a portable version,
either way it will then only run when you choose, and your regular
install of NVDA will be the default when control+alt+n is pressed.

One advantage to installing the snapshot builds is that as they are
released fairly frequently, when a new build is released, it will
prompt you to download and update it, just as your installed copy of
NVDA likely did to upgrade to NVDA 2016.3.

The page at: lists all the
known issues and where they are at in terms of being rectified, and
also is where you can submit any issues that you come across.

Kind regards


22 Point


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On 6 September 2016 at 21:51, Kerry Fielding
<> wrote:
I forgot to ask, where I report bugs to should I test?


From: [] On Behalf Of Quentin
Sent: 06 September 2016 12:15
Subject: Re: [nvda] you are invited to upgrade to NonVisual Desktop Access

Hi everyone,

Joseph, thank you so much for your wonderfully evocative announcement and
information, and indeed thank you for everything you have given, and
continue to give the community.


The system requirements for NVDA haven't changed, that is per:

"NVDA runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Microsoft Windows XP or
later. NVDA has no additional hardware requirements beyond those of the
operating system and requires around 50 MB of disk space."

And Kerry, we would love to have you on board as a tester!

The "beta" builds are available from:

As the page indicates, "Next" are what you might call "alpha" releases - new
code and new changes and no guarantee everything works as it should.
"Master" are features which have already been tested in "next" builds and
are a little more polished and more likely to end up in a final version of
NVDA and we encourage wider testing of these builds.

Kind regards


On Tue, Sep 6, 2016 at 8:30 PM, Kerry Fielding <>

I downloaded this yesterday and associated draft not being spoken in outlook
2016 is much welcomed. It drove me crazy. I just want to say that from a
JFW user’s perspective, you guys are almost there in converting me to a full
NVDA user. I’m finding now that especially for tabular information, NVDA
works much better for me and I think my husband may be tempted to use it
himself. He just has the little issue of Station Playlist Studio and
Station Playlist Streamer which will be the things that hold him back I

You guys rock!!!!!! As for testers, I’d be very pleased to help with any
testing necessary. I’m probably not as geeky as some testers on this list
but as someone who is an extremely advanced computer user and uses their
computer for working from home and for leisure purposes it’s in my best
interests to ensure that screenreader accessibility is not just limited to
those that can afford the expensive stuff. I’m also very very excited to
see what happens in November. Cheap braille? Mouthwatering! Something
I’ve longed for for a long time and given I can’t get any support from
Access To Work because my turnover isn’t what they consider to be worthy, it
looks like I’m saving for a braille display.


From: [] On Behalf Of Joseph
Sent: 06 September 2016 07:15
Subject: [nvda] you are invited to upgrade to NonVisual Desktop Access

Dear citizens of the NVDA land:

Yes, it is official: one of the ministers of NVDA land, a certain Mr. Teh,
has just ordered the horsemen to announce a good news throughout the land:

NVDA 2016.3 is officially out:

So what’s new, changed and fixed:

From RC2: no changes.


· You can now disable individual add-ons.

· NVDA is more cofmpatible with Windows 10 Anniversary Update
(version 1607). Among the things included are return of browse mode in Edge,
announcing newer UAC prompts, ability to navigate PDF documents in Edge and

· NVDA+F9/NVDA+F10 command behavior change is now official.

· Color announcement has been simplified.

· NVDA no longer announces “associated draft” in Outlook 2016.

· NVDA can now announce line spacing in Microsoft Word.

· Various enhancements.

A sneak preview at 2016.4: three game-changing features will be served as
part of Thanksgiving Party this November:

· Ever wanted to hear line indentation via beeps? You can do that
starting in November.

· Want to experience the next chapter in assistive technology
history? Or would you like to be one of the first ones to experience a
combination of a free screen reader and a low-cost braille display? Stay
tuned, as this combination will change your life in November.

· Needed an assistant in persuading web or app developers about
accessibility needs of screen reader users? The wait is almost over: let
NVDA volunteer for you from November onwards.

The rest: let’s just say the ministers at NVDA land are holding council
every day, looking over this land and thinking about the needs of citizens
and planning the next great adventure for the people of this land.

Personally, I’m excited to see what NVDA can do in opening opportunities for
many people, particularly for those who’re using Windows 10. On behalf of
people who’ve contributed to NVDA 2016.3 development, I wish you best in
your endeavor as you use NVDA 2016.3 in various places (work, school, for
fun and in unexpected places). Also, NVDA 2016.3 release announcement will
be my final NVDA release announcement (on this list), as I believe the
community is ready to welcome new reporters.





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