Re: DVD ripper that works with NVDA?

John Altmeyer

        Adding to the list of very accessible freeware burning software, I suggest the following:
True Burnerv 7.0 Free September 23, 2020  from glorilogic. All there stuff is free, simple and accessible. It is an all-purpose burner.
Another Glorilogic offering is ISO Workshop v10.0 Free - September 23, 2020 Title is self explanatory.

This link leads to the download page for both of the aforementioned programs.

Lastly, an all-purpose burner,  BurnAware Free 13.9 - Nov. 2020
From Snapfiles:
You can create data discs for backup purposes, Audio CDs that can be played on any CD player as well as music discs with MP3 and WMA files to be played on a PC or compatible CD/DVD player.
BurnAware Free also supports burning of video DVDs from a VIDEO_TS folder structure as well as creation of standard disc images in .iso format.

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