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Thanks for the reply, Louis. I found your answer at the last message received today.


On 2020/12/29 5:11 pm, Hettie via wrote:
How does one activate the function in windows 10?


On 2020/12/29 12:52 am, Gene wrote:
Since this can be done in Windows 10, is there a reason or advantage in using the add-on?

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Gene, Louis is right if you use Windows 10 and have activated this feature.

Rui Fontes

Às 21:29 de 28/12/2020, Gene escreveu:
Every time you use control c, the previous item on the clipboard is removed and replaced by the new one. You can't copy multiple items to the clipboard as you describe.

I'll look at the what's new section in the NVDA beta to see if this ability has been added.  At this time, I don't remember if you need an NVDA add-on to do this or if the ability has been added to the screen-reader.

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Hello Mike,

Regarding the clipboard:

Windows commands handle this situation.

If you want to put three things on the clipboard, select the first item, hit control + c.  Go to the second item, select it, and hit control + c. Again select the third item and hit control + c.

Now go to where you want to paste item 1, hit windows + v. This will give you a list of the things you have copied to the clipboard.  Arrow up and down the list until you find item one. Hit enter.

Again move to the second and third spots, Up and down arrow to you find items 2 and 3, and hit enter for each.

hit windows + v, then enter.


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Subject: [nvda] two questions regarding nvda

Hi guys:

I have two questions regarding nvda:


Is there a “append to clipboard” command in nvda the way there is in jaws, “insert+windows+c” command?


I see that when I am in word, and I encounter a table, nvda does not say “entering table” or “exiting table” like jaws does;

Is there a way to turn this on?

(by the way, this also happens within webpages as well).

Please advise as you like.

Mike M.

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